„As a child we all have our own BIG Dreams.
When we grow older we give up these Dreams and then suddenly we wonder where happiness is gone.”

Hey Loves, I’m Kathy, a student, Fitness-junkie, Model and Dancer and I want to live my very childhood Dream: Starting my own dance and fitness classes! That is why I became a licensed fitness trainer 2 year ago while being a student. Aaand since then I work and live for FITNESS. ♥

As a 5-year-old I already felt my passion for dancing. Everything began with my wonderful ballet teacher Susan Bachelor. She changed my Life. I learned from her to dance my way with Love and Dedication!

When she left I decided to quit Dancing

Everything changed again. And I didn’t know it would be a hard time for years.
I did sports without any fervor and put all my energy into writing, painting and music. At the same time I developed a strong eating disorder which should last several years and put my body and mind on the line so that I nearly ruined myself. I was extremly shy and back then I would have never imagined to just be myself, with all flaws. But also with all my strength and strong points.

With my graduation a new chapter started, a new life, being on my own. Being a student and meeting my beloved person. And suddenly my goals were perfectly clear:

I want to become strong and self-confident and break off these ties which hold me down.  Hello, World, here I am. Now I’m dancing on the Big Stage.

And since this feeling, since this moment, I can breathe again. Breathe freely.
The ties didn’t just vanish. The fear of failing and of rejection, the fear of falling down and to get up again and again. They are still there, in my heart. BUT, I untie the knots, one by one.

4 Years ago I started to learn Reggaetón in cuban dance classes and after 2 years I began to train regularly in a fitness studio and to work for my fitness trainer license.  I became courageous, really fit, well-balanced and learned to just love my body.

The latino moves were crazy and loud and perfectly matching with me. And at once I discovered Twerking and I was in Love Instantly! ♥ Absolute body control combined with unrestrained dance passion! Feeling strong, sexy and self-confident. Just being yourself and inspiring others by showing your strength and happiness. 🙂

Why telling this whole lot of a story??

Because: I know you have big Dreams, just like me. And I know you want to be fit and self-confident (which woman does not?!). And you already made your way through this huge amount of words. This, I tell you, is real motivation. ;))

Dancing started so much positive things in my Life and I want to motivate and inspire you with my fitnesslife and my passion for dancing.
Look up my  Twerkout-Classes for meeting other girls, getting really fit, learning to dance self-confidently and sexy and be part of a new feminine move.
Let’s share our passion for fitness and dancing!
Write on my blog or on instagram, put on your fitness clothes and start with me your new lifestyle!

Love, Kathy ♥