“To be successful you need two things: The right Goal and real Love for what you Do.”

Normally we don’t see how fast we change! I am the perfect example: Back then, with 18 years,  I started to do sports again and didn’t have a single clue about my “goal”. I just didn’t have one. And now I work as a Fitnessmodel, blog diligently on Instagram and I have my own Fitness Website where I can share my progress and my motivation with you. ♥

The Beginning.

18 years, that was the breaking point.
After a few years of meaningless sagging, I had this strong desire to get fit again. And I had sooo much enthusiasm and energy to do new things!

In short, I jumped into every fitness class I could find and so I sweated the whole week in endurance activities. I tried everything normal and offbeat: Salsa, Capoeira, Deep Work, Zumba, Hip-Hop, Pilates, Volleyball, Dancehall, Reggaetón …and many many more.

How I managed that All?? I have no idea. ?

But I can tell you, the negative aspects showed off pretty fast…
6-7 times per week more than 2 hours of workout is definitely not healthy.
And in my case the problem was generated and increased by my eating disorder.
My body and my mind suffered from the pressure and my eating disorder was getting worse and pushed me in pinholes of depression. My energy was downright eaten up.

At this point I had a tiny weight of 47 kg and moreover I hated how my body looked.

I realised that I walked right up the path to self-destruction.
And I had to find a way to combat my eating disorder and strengthen my body at the same time. I ultimately wanted to have fun working out, to love food again and to live my life to the fullest!

Fitness-madness pushed by the media and wrong eating behaviour manipulated me and I felt all the time like nothing I did was enough. Perhaps you know that feeling, the pressure that builds up. And I realized I had to find a new way for myself.

What is really important? – Love and respect your own body. Know your limits and define them anew. Take Fitness and Health as your way of Life.

Defining a new way.

I absolutely wanted to learn more about my body and real fitness, and I wanted to create my own dance classes. With this thoughts in mind I discovered that my university offered education to become a fitness trainer.
And I signed in right away! While studying I completed two training licenses and a further education in myofascial release.

Since then I teached many classes and to motivate other people gives me sooo much energy and I really enjoy it! ?

Get to know your way.

Before I solely attended fitness classes and I didn’t even know how fitness studios look from inside!
I was a rookie when I started my trainer license.  ?
And I remember how little I knew about about fitness and how much I had just done completely wrong.
Now I had the chance to study fitness and f
inally I learned a way to feel sexy, to build up muscles and to be strong.

Another lesson is: Be patient.

I want everything right away, but muscles need time to build up and same goes with changing your eating habits, coordination, endurance & mobility. All this needs time. Give yourself the time you need and set small goals that you can follow step by step to achieve your main goal.

Like you can see: I did many mistakes and my journey to get fit and happy took loooong time. But I can say, I learned from my mistakes, I failed and stood up again. And I learned that it’ worth standing up again and laughing about the faults. Because laughing makes you happy and allows you to look ahead. It makes you strong and leads towards your goal!

Think clearly about your goal and what you love to do, be challenging, be self-confident and create your own way of fitness. Go forward and don’t let people and negative experiences stop you. You decide where your journey leads to and if you reach your goal!

I LOVE my current lifestyle and I’m sooo happy how far I got already! This way is still going on and all my experience and success, everything I know & learn, I will be sharing here with You. ♥

Love, Kathy

LET’S take a deep breath, dance unrestrained and FEEL FREE.”