Reggaetón – Sexy & Explosive

Sexy. Hot. Unique.  This is Reggaetón, a dance style from Latin America. Reggaetón? Isn’t this just music? It’s not! Rooted in Hip-Hop, Salsa, Reggae and Dancehall the dance music from Latin America has also created a whole new Dance style. And it’s still in progress: Moombahtón, Balkatón, Cubatón – countless different styles have been emerged […]

What’s Twerking? – A new Lifestyle!

“Wild, exotic and sporty!” Twerking-Style is in trend. ♥ I began twerking 2 years ago and I fell completely in Love! So I decided to perform classes myself and bring this sexy and strong dance to You! Get to know the new fitnessstyle Twerkout and watch my Videos, Tutorials or just come around to my […]