Reggaetón – Sexy & Explosive

Sexy. Hot. Unique.  This is Reggaetón, a dance style from Latin America.

Reggaetón? Isn’t this just music?
It’s not! Rooted in Hip-Hop, Salsa, Reggae and Dancehall the dance music from Latin America has also created a whole new Dance style. And it’s still in progress: Moombahtón, Balkatón, Cubatón – countless different styles have been emerged from this energetic style!

4 Years ago I met this dance style out of curiousity: In Cologne and surroundings there exist only two Reggaetón classes and one of these is also unofficially… I just had been lucky to dance Reggaetón the first time in a workshop and it hooked me with it’s energetic moves and the fast music!  Who doesn’t want to know how to swing the hips right, doing a perfect body roll and more?! So I decided to catch up with the classes.

Now I know: The experience with Reggaetón helped me to get awareness of my body  than anything else. I feel strong and sexy, exactly what this Dance and Music embody.

The Dance style is unique: feminine and strong moves create a blend of elegance and explosive and the simple rythm  of Reggaetón enables to dance to every song. And ths dance creates real self-confidence. Many lyrics describe the woman as gata (cat) – Beautiful and graceful but also strong and dangerous, tough and independent, irresistible but also hard to get. A selfconfident woman and a real Latina.

Today I dance to many different music styles but I genuinely recommend you Reggaetón. The music animates to dance and the basics are really easy to learn.

You want some music? Then look up my YouTube Channel where I put up a whole playlist for you. ♥


Love, Kathy ♥

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