What’s Twerking? – A new Lifestyle!

“Wild, exotic and sporty!”

Twerking-Style is in trend. ♥ I began twerking 2 years ago and I fell completely in Love! So I decided to perform classes myself and bring this sexy and strong dance to You!
Get to know the new fitnessstyle Twerkout and watch my Videos, Tutorials or just come around to my classes. 😉

What exactly is Twerking?

Twerking originates from Africa and Latin America and combines elements of African Dance Styles, Dancehall and Reggaetón.

Main focus is the booty, which is moved by different types of shaking or by contraction of its muscle parts. The Basic position is the squat from which unfolds the whole range of movements.

Twerking doesn’t have to be lascivious but rather be performed very feminine and athletic in combination with other dancing styles. Here we train above all abs, legs and booty! The perfect training for a very female figure. And the outstanding choreographies boost coordination, fitness, flexibility, positive body consciousness, and sense of rhythm.♥

Twerking also means to dance strong and explosively what asks for a proper portion of courage and self-confidence from us woman. No other dance shows us so powerful that we are sexy and strong and that we don’t have to hide our femininity.

This is the new Lifestyle we need!
How often I watch girls who are afraid of the dance floor  (and I was the same) because it could look “crappy” and who stand in last row in zumba class just because they think “I cannot dance” and don’t want to stand in the spotlight. They tie up all their energy and freedom to just be who they are.

For me, the most important thing in life is to break open these ties. I am a woman. I know what I want and I show who I am! Twerking is like many afro-caribbean dance styles the expression of resistance against restrictions of female sexuality. I know how insecurity cuts your self-confidence further and further but I found sooo much new self-confidence and a whole new Lifestyle for me in Dancing!

You want to know how to Twerk and how to build a Beautiful Body and a Strong Self Image? Then follow my Blog about my Experiences and my Lifestyle or let’s meet in Person in my classes. ♥

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